Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cut Sphere Pad

Cutting up a sphere leads to some consequences.
A swanky pad, made from some spheres!

Started as an experiment with Bryce 6 "Boolean Mesh Export", of a simple set of 3 spheres - a positive sphere, a smaller one insideand a big third one, to cut the hole on one side.(There are two of these outside on the porch).

The rest were made with Carrara modifiers like... bend, twist, taper, wave, etc. Some were put on pedestals, replicated to support the table. They're all the same material, but each has a colorful small low-intensity radial light inside.

Some potted plants were tossed in(also from Carrara and "Anything Grows"). Wall art was pulled from my collection of ArtMatic and surfPPC abstracts. About 50 lights (25 cone spot and 25 radial) strewn about. Just thinking the coffee table needs some piece of sculpture or a bizarre flower, kindof empty.

Enjoy, kick back and read a magazine!

Mechanical Crab Magazine

Cover for a fake magazine.
Here is the latest edition!
I hope you want to read the magazine, but I haven't made one yet. ;-)
But, that doesn't stop me from daydreaming.
All made from a Bryce mesh - exported, modified in Carrara, and re-imported.
Then, I went crazy with every type of rendering (depth, masks) and viewing mode (hidden line), combining everything inPhosoShop CS2 at the end.
With all this material, maybe I should write an article.


The four seasons.
At least four objects generated from one Bryce 6 mesh export.
In Carrara, read the exported 3ds model and perform some Modifiers.
In Bryce read them back in, ungroup and start with the materials.
Add some lights for seasoning (sic), render.
Go back and ungroup everything, select the "Hidden Line" render and capture screen shots as appropriate.
In PhotoShop, merge and mask everything to perfection, and a sprinkle of text for more garnish, and ... whew ... voila, a piece of resistance!

Late Winter Bouquet

Here is

a nice bouquet.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Twisting Tower

should be able to see this. hope to add more later.

A good start.